Ruffin Ready for PEAK Stock Car Dream Challenge in July


30 • CORNELIUS TODAY • July 2013
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By Suzanne Fulton

Not many 18-year-olds have a career resume impressive enough to give a presentation last Career Day before the student body at Bailey Middle School. And not many families uproot and transplant themselves a long distance to better nurture a son’s success. The four-member Ruffin family did that in the spring of 2010, moving from Nashville to Cornelius to be in the NASCAR hub.

Logan Ruffin’s inspiration to become a NASCAR driver came to him at age seven upon repeated wins on a racing simulation game in a mall. His family wholeheartedly embraced his auto racing aspirations early on, even though they had neither a motorsports background nor motorsports connections. Today, 11 years later, Ruffin’s racing resume earned him status as a contender to be the development driver for Michael Waltrip Racing and to represent Peak Auto. The Peak Stock Car Dream Challenge July 9-11, will determine which of 10 racers will drive well enough to land that coveted role. The 10 were selected from a field of 720 young applicants from all over
the country.

After the 2008 economic slowdown, development teams became a rarity in NASCAR, Ruffin says. “I’m thankful that Peak put this challenge together. Otherwise somebody like me would not get a good chance to stand out against the legacies and racers with a lot of money.”

How much money does it take for drivers to get traction in NASCAR? Roughly $5 million to participate in a full Nationwide Series and $20 million for the 36-race Sprint Cup season, Ruffin states.

Logan began racing quarter midgets at age eight and he raced in five series (three nationally) before age 13. He raced late models after turning 13 in 2007. In 2008, he was the youngest entrant in the World Series of Asphalt and won three races in a row — making him the youngest champion ever. In 2010 he was named USAR Pro Cup Raybestos Rookie of the Year, and he has received a good deal of attention by sports media, having been featured in various years by Sports Illustrated, SPEED channel and

A young man who has long demonstrated a focus on education, physical training and career, Logan also learned to have a contingency plan, and has been accepted in the engineering curriculum at UNC-Charlotte to commence this fall. Depending on the outcome of the Peak Challenge, he can be flexible about enrollment, he said. He has his own website:
30 • CORNELIUS TODAY • July 2013
— Reprinted from

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