On May 12th, R Motorsports was contacted by Sports Illustrated to inform us about Logan being chosen to appear in the 2008 “Where Will They Be” section of the July 14th double issue. As you might imagine, we have been quietly ecstatic about Logan being selected for this great honor. Now that the interviews have been completed and the photographs taken for the article, we feel safe in sharing this great news with Logan’s fans and friends.


This is the third year that the “Where Will They Be” section has been included in the mid-summer double issue of Sports Illustrated. Logan is one of 17 “exceptional and up and coming athletes” from the United States and foreign countries to be included in the 2008 edition of this feature. Logan is the only race car driver that will be included in the article.


When asked about being chosen for the article, Logan said, “I am really excited about being included in the Sports Illustrated article, and hope that I can continue to improve on my racing skills that helped me get selected for this great honor. My dad has been a big fan of Sports Illustrated his entire life, and just can’t believe that I will be in the magazine. I would like to thank God, my mom and dad, and all of my family and crew for helping make this possible for me. Now, I just have to continue proving that in a race car is where I belong.”


Look for the Sports Illustrated double issue to be released on July 14, 2008.

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