Logan talks racing with Bailey Middle School students on Career Day


Logan was proud to be a part of Bailey Middle School’s career day program this past Tuesday.   Logan shared with the students what it is like to live the life of a race car driver and the hard work, dedication and determination that goes along with being a part of the very intense sport of auto racing.   Students learned about the cars, driving, physical training, safety equipment, meetings, appearances, sponsor promotions, travel, and all the parts, pieces and people that make up a NASCAR team.   Logan gave the the children a glimpse into what it takes to be a driver and informed them of all the other job possibilities in working with a professional race team.  The students also learned how very important education is in a career as a race car driver.  They also learned the importance of math and science and how they relate to a race car, it’s performance and how those things help a driver to give important information to his crew.

Logan would like to thank the students and faculty of Bailey Middle School, in Cornelius NC for the opportunity to share his career and his love of racing with them and hopes to see you all at the races!

Be sure to check out the Appearances Gallery to see photos of Logan and the Bailey Middle School students.


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