Great news for all you collectors. We are proud to announce that Logan is a featured driver in the new 2011 Wheel Elements trading card pack. The cards, printed by Press Pass, were released across the nation on 1.19.11. There are several versions of the cards available including 225 cards with an authentic signature in blue, as well as several other special collectors’ releases. The most rare are the cards with Logan’s authentic signature in red, as there are only 25 of those available.

Logan is honored to have been selected by Press Pass as one of this years Undiscovered Elements drivers. These are drivers who they believe have the potential to be NASCAR’s next big star.

The cards are available for purchase in collectors’ shops as of 1/19/11 and will be available in Target and Walmart stores on 1/26/11. To check availability in your area go to presspassinc and click on the link for the new release, Wheels Element 2011.

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