Logan has been selected from over 720 competitors as one of the top ten to compete in the Peak Stock Car Dream Challenge!   Michael Waltrip Racing and PEAK Auto teamed up on a nationwide search to find a possible development driver to represent PEAK and drive for Michael Waltrip Racing.   Drivers for the top 10 were selected based on their racing resume by a panel of judges that reviewed all of the contestants.

Now that the top 10 have been selected, they will compete in a three day driving test/challenge to determine the top driver in the group.   At this point, the details of the driving challenge have not been disclosed.  All that is known for sure is that the driver challenge will be conducted in July.  Stay tuned to the website and we will provide more information as it comes available.

The driver challenge will be filmed and made into a program to be aired on The SPEED Channel in August.  More will also be provided on the exact details of the dates and times for The SPEED Channel programming when it is known.

The winner of the driver challenge will earn the right to drive in a race for Michael Waltrip Racing with PEAK as a sponsor, but that’s not all.  The rules say that the winner could become the next development driver for Michael Waltrip Racing.  When asked for a comment about his selection to the top 10, Logan said “I am very honored to have been included in this group of drivers. I very much appreciate PEAK, Michael Waltrip and the Panel of Judges for reviewing my entry and having the confidence in me to include me in their final selection process. I am also very thankful for my fans, friends, family and extended family at WIX Filters who supported me over the past several weeks in attempting to draw attention and consideration to my entry. I am extremely excited about the driver challenge and being able to demonstrate my driver skills, and hopefully earn a spot as a PEAK sponsored driver for Michael Waltrip Racing in their development program.  This should be a lot of fun and I can’t wait to get behind the wheel in July and do what I live to do. “

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